Why, How, and What

Adobe Spark (1)     Over the last 20 years, the reason that I do what I do hasn’t really changed.  I see that teenagers are not a finished product; teenagers are a work in progress.  Often, the person they are destined to become has not yet formed while still in high school.  Who they are today, might not be who they are tomorrow.  Teaching teenagers is an exercise in hope and patience, but I know they are capable of achieving their goals and dreams.  The best part of working with teenagers is that sometimes they haven’t even realized, yet, of what they are truly capable.  We have a limited amount of time with these precious, developing lives. Through strategic planning, we can help them reach their goals.

We believe that every learner has potential to reach their goals and thrive as an adult.  As a teenager, you are not who you will be as an adult.  We must continue to offer opportunities for these students to become the best version of themselves. 

By providing each student with an opportunity to explore their interests while meeting academic goals, students find and cultivate their passions and grow as a learner. This process gives value and meaning to their lives. 

This is achievable with our guidance and a supportive learning environment. We can create a student-driven learning environment that utilizes a blended learning approach to personalize education for every student.

For many students, a program that focuses on their interests and personalizes the learning experience could be a major influence on who they become as an adult. Teachers want students to care about school and learning.

These guiding statements are based on Simon Sinek’s “Why, How, What” approach to organizational change. They tap into educators’ hearts by showing them an ideal situation where they are able to finally reach all students.  The urgency is implied by time restrictions, given that the program will focus on juniors and seniors in high school.



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