The Innovation Specialist

Throughout the development of this innovation plan, it has become increasingly clear that there is a fundamental necessity for the position of the innovation specialist.  I will be proposing this position soon, as it appears to be the key to launching significant change on a campus.

The Innovation Specialist works closely with the leadership team, teachers, and the content specialists to develop and implement a strategic vision for innovation, academic technology, and instructional design. The innovation specialist’s main focus is on creating an innovative learning culture among faculty and students. The innovation specialist will work with teachers on their campus to infuse innovative learning practices into the curriculum and develop professional learning opportunities to support district and campus strategic goals.


Duties and Responsibilities


The innovation specialist will support teachers in the planning and implementation of innovative learning strategies, developing and providing professional learning opportunities, and cultivating a culture of learning and innovation on campus.

  • Collaborate with teachers in planning and integration of innovative learning strategies into the curriculum and supporting teachers as they implement the lessons/activities in their classrooms.
  • Lead staff development and training in PBL.
  • Work with teachers to develop and implement technology-enhanced personalized learning experiences.
  • Assist teachers in using technology effectively for assessing student learning, differentiating instruction, and providing rigorous, relevant and engaging learning experiences.
  • Engage in ongoing learning to remain current in emerging technologies, trends, and research, and model effective practice in 21st-century teaching and learning strategies.
  • Plan, develop, and implement professional learning opportunities to advance and support district goals.
  • Maintain and update the Innovation Specialist website and social media.



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