Professional Learning Plan Outline: Choice Boards

Click here for the PDF version of the outline



Teachers create a goal.

Teachers choose activity options from the choice board to achieve that goal.

Cadre supports teachers in achieving their goal.

How will you incorporate the 5 key principles of effective PD into your plan:


I.          The duration of professional learning must be significant and ongoing to allow time for teachers to learn a new strategy and grapple with the implementation problem. Ongoing support.

i.     Teachers will be in control of their learning.  The PL cadre, a team of teachers, will support teachers as they work to implement learning.

ii.     Teachers set their own goals. Goals can be made for semester-long or year-long learning. Cadre helps them achieve their goals.


II.          There must be support for a teacher during the implementation stage that addresses the specific challenges of changing classroom practice.

i.     The PL cadre will support teachers as they learn and implement new strategies.

ii.     The PL cadre is a team of teachers willing to work to support other teachers. The cadre will support each other.


III.          Teachers’ initial exposure to a concept should not be passive, but rather should engage teachers through varied approaches so they can participate actively in making sense of a new practice.

i.     Teachers may learn on their own, in workshop/seminar, or from other teachers.

ii.     The PL cadre will create some PL ‘lunch and learns’ and after school learning briefs.

iii.     Other teachers can request the opportunity to present their learning.


IV.          Modeling has been found to be highly effective in helping teachers understand a new practice.

i.     PL cadre members are available for modeling and will practice modeling in workshops/seminars/briefs.  Cadre members are also available to come into class to model strategies with students or cover a class for a teacher to observe another teacher.


V.          The content presented to teachers shouldn’t be generic, but instead specific to the discipline (for middle school and high school teachers) or grade-level (for elementary school teachers).

i.     Teachers are encouraged to teach and support each other.


VI.          How will you foster collaboration?

i.     Teachers are encouraged to present information learned to others.

ii.     Cadre members will begin as ready collaborators, then through social motivation, it will expand. We plan to utilize the 4DX and Influencer models to purposefully spread collaboration.

VII.          Who will lead what components?

i.     PL cadre members will lead.  All cadre members will be available by conference period.

VIII.          Audience and their needs

i.     In the first year, the teachers willing to jump on-board are the target.  Social motivation will encourage others, then a targeted effort will attempt to pick up the others who have been reluctant.

IX.          Instructional Design of your PL (will you use BHAG & 3 Column Table or UbD Template or something else)

i.     There is a mission statement that could be transformed into a BHAG.  I would prefer for the vision to include specific focus on learning.

X.          Schedule/timeline

i.     T-Tess goals pertaining to professional learning are achievable within the school year.  The program will take the school year to become full-bodied with presenters and staff-run professional learning opportunities.

XI.          Types of resources you will need

i.     Access to outside sources (like webinars, books, and edchats) to encourage teachers to engage in learning.

ii.     Supplies will vary as we support teachers presenting to other teachers.

iii.     Handouts for evidence of learning, application, reflection, and adjustment.

iv.     Tools to support coaching



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