TxDLA Conference Debriefing

Holy smokes!  I just saw @GeorgeCouros give his keynote at the TxDLA conference.  I like reading his blog posts and his book is like my Holy Grail.  Reading it for the first time made me feel a deep sense of hope….an effervescence that buoyed me into a new phase of my 20 year career as an educator. Seeing him live was not the same as reading his book.  Seeing him live meant being in the same room as he spoke and feeling the excitement and energy that he has for reculturing a school and empowering educators to lead innovation. Seeing him live lights the fuse that will rock a vital change in trajectories.  I experienced this yesterday and I will never be the same. rocket-launch-693236_1920

Starting the day off with The George Couros was incredible, but the sun wasn’t even breaching the streets of downtown Dallas through the towering skyscrapers, yet.  Later in the day, I had the opportunity to work side by side with my instructors from the M.Ed in Digital Learning and Leading program at Lamar University.  I was honored to be invited to contribute the student perspective in the Perceptions of Choice, Ownership, and Voice in an Online M.Ed. Program session they were presenting.  Since I feel like this program was tailor-made for me, I felt like I could offer a quality contribution. Although I have presented at the local campus and district level, this was the first presentation that I have participated in at the state association level. I felt like it was successful and I am grateful to have been given the opportunity.

In all, the day at TxDLA was incredible.  The vibe was incredible and the people were friendly.

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