EDLD 5314

In this course, we have been studying what makes a successful ICT project.  We have spent time studying

  • What worked?
  • What could have been done better?
  • How to apply the lessons learned?

On my campus, we recently had an initiative failure, so I have used this experience to analyze and learn from in order to prepare for next year when we launch the next technology-related initiative. My call to action presentation focuses on the need for an actual implementation plan that targets and incorporates the 6 sources of influence, the 4DX model, and anticipates barriers to implementation.

Next year we will begin working toward a goal of increasing student engagement through personalized learning. To prevent overwhelming teachers with the multitude and scope of options, we decided to begin with lead measures that were specific. English classes will set up and launch eportfolios with initial tasks that allow students to write about tasks of their choice. The assignments and tasks are leveled to increase the personalization level and application across disciplines. If these initial implementation steps are followed, we will successfully begin the transition toward personalized learning.


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